Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New Trade - The ball is starting to roll ....

Well here we are July 26th and I have finally made another trade. I traded my one out of print dollar bill for an independent short film called "The Boxing Day Classic". This film was written and directed by Kirby Morrow. The Boxing Day Classic is a pompous British documentary filmmaker suspects foul play as he documents "The Boxing Day Classic", a hockey game in Jasper National Park that has been warring on between the same two teams for 50 years. He discovers that one of the original team members, now in his seventies, will do anything to win - including murder! ( This film is also listed on you can read all about this director and see all the wonderful work that he has taken part in to date.

Anybody interested in trading thhis short film for something bigger and better is welcomed to contact me at to make an offer. This offer will also be posted on the trading site from one red paperclip.

And remember to visit all the other trading sites that are available here is a short list of some that i love to visit.....
and there are many many more .....

Trades to Date
I traded this one red pencil
for this out of print dollar bill
for this film short The Boxing Day Classic

Thursday, July 20, 2006

July 20, 2006

Well here we are 5 days into my trading quest and I have finally recieved an offer for my one red pencil. I recieved and email today from Kevin Lazzari the owner of
I was very excited to see this offer as it was the first one that I have gotten and to know that it came from a fellow trader just made it all the better. He has offered me one out of print dollar bill. I have accepted this offer and hope to complete it as soon as possible.

So now i have one out of print dollar bill for trade and anyone interested in trading something bigger and better for this please forward any and all offers to

My Trades to Date

I Traded this one red pencil for one out of print dollar bill

Also anyone interested in making trades please visit other sites similar to mine ....
They are :
Hope to hear from you all soon ..
Thanks Joy Have a happy day and keep on smiling :)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

I am willing to trade this ONE RED PENCIL for something bigger and better in my quest to "FULLY FURNISH MY EMPTY HOUSE" for me and my girls

I am trading this one red pencil in my pursuit to furnish my empty home. I am a single mom with two small girls ages seven and two. I am a full time student working towards my degree in accounting. At the end of this month I will be moving into a 3 bedroom duplex and I have no furniture to put in it. I currently own a kitchen table with 4 chairs and television set. My girls have bunk beds but I would like them to each have their own beds ..for my own sanity's purpose ... and the dresser that I have for them is falling apart. I have a bed in my room (well it is a mattress on a bed frame ... lol).

My dream is a simple one I would just like to have a living room to be comfortable in and a bedroom that I can relax in and I would like for my girls to be able to have their own space to enjoy so they are not driving eachother crazy.

unfortunately I am not in a position to accomplish this myself being a single mom on a limited income and going to school full time I have no time and less money. I am trying to give my girls a decent life, but this takes time to achieve and enduring the next three years of school with no furniture will definetly be difficult.

So I am reaching out to all with this simple proposition ..... trade me something bigger and better for this one red pencil and help me reach my goal of having a furnished home to live and study in so that I can complete my studies with less stress and tension.

I know that most are familiar with the oneredpaperclip movement and I am hoping that there are some more people interested in experiencing this adventure with me I am sure that we will come across many wonderful and interesting offers along the way.

Well this concludes my interlude for now ... any and all offers can be forwarded to

I will be sure to carefully examine and consider any and all offers made and try to respond as quickly as possible.

Thanks all for joining in and taking interest hope to hear from you all soon... Keep on smiling :)

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